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How to Keep Your Window Treatments Looking Great

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Are your Phoenix home's window treatments looking less than their best these days? If they are, you need to do a little cleaning on them. Don't get too eager now, though. Before cleaning your window treatments, you need to know HOW to clean them.

After all, improper cleaning can do more harm than help to your window treatments. You might wind up damaging them, even to the point that you can't use them anymore. So, you need to know the best way to clean your window treatments before tackling that job.

Not sure what to do to get your window treatments looking great once more without causing them any harm? Not a problem: Just read on, and our handy guide will tell you how to clean up your window treatments without causing them any damage.

Vacuum Out Dust -- GENTLY

Your window treatments are bound to collect dust over time. (They're practically magnets to dust!) So, you'll need to remove that dust regularly, and the most effective means of doing so is to vacuum your treatments. However, you need to be sure to vacuum them right so you can avoid damaging them.

The best way to vacuum your window treatments is to use a brush attachment and run your vacuum on the lowest setting. Hold the brush about an inch away from the fabric rather than pressing directly on it. Using this vacuuming technique, you'll get your window treatments looking beautiful and new once more without causing any harm!

Remove Spots with Baby Powder

You can be as careful, as clean, and as cautious as possible around your window treatments, but over time, spills will inevitably happen. Should a spill occur by your window treatments, they could wind up looking like a splattered spotty mess that greatly affects their appearance.

Luckily, you can remove those spots, and you can do so without the use of harsh chemicals that might wind up leaving spots of their own. To do so, simply scrub the spots with baby powder and a soft-bristled toothbrush. This gentle cleaning method will remove spots effectively without damaging your window treatments.

Know How to Wash Your Window Treatments

Over time, as your window treatments take on more and more messes, you might find that the above-mentioned cleaning techniques will no longer effectively clean them. Should that time come for your window treatments, you'll have no choice but to put them through the wash.

Again, though: Don't be too hasty about this! Before washing your window treatments, carefully read their washing instructions that should be available on a tag. Not all window treatments can be washed the same way, and improper washing can destroy them. To effectively and carefully clean your window coverings, take the time to know how to wash them.

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